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Team Title
The Mesosys team of project managers, technical leads and Sun Certified senior J2EE developers combine first-class technical expertise with real business awareness.

The team has an excellent track record of delivering on time and within budget. In fact, we have often delivered ahead of schedule!

The team communicate well at all levels; be it with senior management, end users or managing teams of developers.

Development Languages

  • Java – j2ee, ejb, rmi, servlets, jsp, rmi, apache-struts, hibernate, spring, tapestry, JSF, junit, swing
  • Web client – html, wml, xml, xsl xslt, javascript
  • SQL – Oracle PL/SQL, MS-Sequel, MySQL
  • C, C++
  • Scripting – PHP, JavaScript, Perl, Sh


  • UML & OOAD (9  years), RAD, MVC, EJB, XP, AOP,

App Server Environments

  • Oracle iAS, BroadVision, WebSphere, Voyager, Apache, Tomcat


  • Oracle 8i/9i, MS-SQL7, MySQL 4.1

Development O/S’

  • UNIX – Solaris, Linux, Windows.


  • Eclipse, MSJ++

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